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As dermatologists, you might be surprised to learn that we can help you with your hair loss. The truth is your hair goes together with your skin. Hair loss comes with so many stigmas that it can often be hard to talk about and even harder to separate the facts about hair loss from fiction.

There are many myths about hair loss, some of which can be downright harmful to people suffering from the issue. We thought we’d debunk some of the biggest myths about hair loss for this reason.

The Sun Can Damage Your Hair

You might be inclined to wear a hat or even dawn an umbrella in the summer to keep the sun off of you. While we think you should carry on with that tradition for the simple fact that direct sunlight is damaging to your skin, even your scalp, we’re here to put to rest the myth that direct sunlight will lead to hair loss. Simply put, it does not.

You Get Hair Loss Genetics from Your Mom’s Side

Everyone’s heard this one; don’t look at your dad’s side of the family for hair loss, but instead, train your eyes at your mom’s side. If she comes from a family of thin-headed people, then chances are that will be you as well. The truth is that genetics are incredibly complicated. The hair loss gene can be inherited from either side of your ancestry, and it might pass you by entirely.

Baldness in Men Has a Beginning & End Age

Male pattern baldness is a strange and complicated thing. Many think we’re safe if we sport a thick head of hair into our 30s. However, male pattern baldness can begin at any age, and will typically become progressively worse as we get older. The timing and speed at which your hair thins is completely random. Many men can have a slight thinning of their hair that is barely noticeable for their entire lives while others go completely bald by their mid-20s.

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Testosterone is Linked to Hair Loss

A common myth for both men and women is that testosterone is to blame. It’s said that heightened levels of testosterone result in thinning hair, which is patently false. Hair loss is controlled by a hormone known as “DHT,” which our bodies produce naturally, some at higher levels than others. Luckily, there are treatments to reduce this hormone, which we can discuss with you. However, testosterone has nothing to do with hair loss.

Hair Products are to Blame

Trust us; there’s nothing you can put in your hair that will cause hair loss, assuming you’ve purchased the product off the shelf at a reputable retail store! Hair loss is not caused by hair products. With that said, style your hair as you see fit; you have nothing to worry about.

Are you suffering from hair loss? Man or woman, we are experts in dermatology and can help you with your thinning hair. Reach out to us today.